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What Diabetes Type 1 is NOT

This is a sore point for many diabetics and parents of diabetics. It links strongly to our lack of knowledge on this prevalent disease. We can’t blame people for not knowing, I really didn’t have a clue before Noah was diagnosed, I thought I did but I didn’t. I have found the best way to deal with this is simply to help educate and inform as I go along. I am still learning too so that gives you some idea how complex a disease it really is.

But first things first…

Diabetes Type 1 is NOT the same as your Grandmothers.

Honest. Let me explain why.

There are two main types of Diabetes so let me lay them down for you plain and simple (this is not forgetting gestational diabetes and other sorts of rarer forms. Read more on these types here):

Type 1

Type 2

The pancreas has STOPPED making insulin The pancreas is unable to produce ENOUGH insulin
Usually appears in people under the age of 40. Early onset diabetes is often referred to as juvenile diabetes Usually appears in people over the age of 40
Accounts for 10% of people with diabetes Accounts for 90% of people with diabetes
Nobody knows why the pancreas stops working but SCIENCE tells us it has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle Is often age-related or lifestyle/diet related
The only treatment is injecting insulin into the body through needles or with an insulin pump Is treated with a healthy diet, physical activity and (often but not always) medication and/or insulin in the form of pills
It is not curable It is curable

This means that even though they share the same name; Diabetes, they are in fact almost two entirely different diseases with absolutely entirely different treatments and outlooks. This also means that Type 2 is not a milder form of Diabetes – actually all forms of this disease suck.


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