Cheat Sheets

Here are a few cheat sheets I have created to help you and your kids school work together to ensure the care they get during school hours is the very best that it can be. I hope you can get some use out of them…I’ll keep adding as new ones get created.

  1. It is really handy to have a quick list to hand of regular foods and their number of carbohydrates that your child consumes. We keep a list in our kitchen and take a copy with us when we go to restaurants, friends houses etc.
  2. I find these quick hypo/hyper overview guides really useful to give to people who spend a lot of time around my son, e.g. school, sports clubs, friends etc.
  3. When getting my son started at school it was really important that there was a notification up in the staff room, his classroom and other important areas in the school to identify who he is and what people should quickly know. The school didn’t have a template for this so I made one.
  4. I made this S.O.S. quick guide to treating hypos and hypers and I use it to give to anyone who is in a lot of contact with Noah, especially his school.
  5. I didn’t make this information booklet, the International Diabetes Federation did. It is so brilliant it just had to be listed here. For other language versions click here.
  6. The Diabetes Council got in touch with me to tell me about a great new editorial they have produced. Here is the link: Parents: What You Should Know When Sending Your Type 1 Elementary Student Back to School

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