Why read this blog?

I have no doubt you have heard of the autoimmune disease called Diabetes. If you have ever known someone with Diabetes Type 1 (DT1) you may understand something about it beyond the average Joe. But because everyone has heard of DT1, there seems to be this weird situation in the world where we all think that we pretty much know what it is all about.


Since being forced to become an expert in this disease, I have realized over time by the shocked looks on people’s faces when I share my stories, or by the nature of their questions (and believe me, I do not judge because I asked the same questions myself when Noah was diagnosed) that we really aren’t ‘diabetes-aware’ in this world. But who cares right? I like to think that as good-natured humans we probably all care to some extent, however the current concern for diabetes is it’s immense growth in number of diagnosis’ over the last couple of decades.

According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation* in the UK:

  • Diabetes in children is increasing by about four per cent each year, particularly in children under five, with a five-fold increase in this age group in the last 20 years
  • DT1 affects 97 per cent of all children with diabetes (in England)
  • 90 per cent of people diagnosed with DT1 have no family history of the condition
  • A person with DT1 will have around 65,000 injections and measure their blood glucose over 80,000 times in their lifetime

So here we are. I am the mother of a diabetic child. I love to write. I want to share what I have learnt with others who find themselves in the same situation. And I want you to share your information with me, to help me learn new things or better ways to do something to make it through the daily struggle of being someone else’s pancreas.


* https://jdrf.org.uk/about-type-1-diabetes/understanding/facts-and-figures/


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